Intelligence, Analytics, and Decision Making

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Directly related to my professional work at Strategic Insight Group, I am interested in the detailed aspects of how we can “peel the onion” to obtain a more valid, substantiated understanding of a subject being studied. This includes employing falsification (rather than verification) as a central principle, correcting for source bias and confirmation bias, and use of comparative analytics, zero-based analysis, and other related issues.

I am interested in the application of scientific method to qualitative “real-time and real-world” analysis of problems like those I see professionally on a daily basis, and in the various interpretations of scientific method. I am also interested in applied epistemology and how we are able to achieve knowledge, and the limitations of this - and the relationship between concepts and the real world, particularly as it applies to actionable decision making.

In addition, I'm interested in the roles emotion, logic, and rationality play in making decisions, and when are they variously prominent or subsidiary. And what are the effects of this?

Scott Malcomson