Foreign Policy and International Relations

International relations and foreign policy are a key area of interest, and my work currently focuses on trying to understand how various trends are affecting the core structures on which international relations are based at the present time: the nation-state or Westphalian system, the rules-based international order (or Liberal International Order), and economic globalization.

I am particularly interested in how both technology and belief interact and change the operating dynamics of these complex, interrelated systems. . . and how this interaction, in turn, drives further social change in multiple countries and regions.

My 5-part television documentary series, “A World On the Brink” (with Real Vision Television), and a recent article “Flattened: Disintermediation Goes Global” in the September-October 2017 issue of “The American Interest” both represent efforts to explore these topics.

Currently, I serve as Vice Chair of the Advisory Council of the LLILAS/Benson Latin American Studies and Collections, and as Immediate Past President of the Dallas Committee on Foreign Relations. I am a life member of the Council on Foreign Relations in NYC, and a member of the Bretton Woods Committee in Washington, DC, of the Advisory Council of the Houston Committee on Foreign Relations, and the High Level Working Group on Inter-American Relations & Bipartisanship of Global Americans, a New York City-based think tank and policy organization focused on Latin America.

Scott Malcomson